Steve Paulus, DO, MS

Osteopathic physician


    My practice is devoted to integrating the best of western medicine with the art and science of Osteopathy while incorporating evidence-based natural healing remedies. I have over 25 years of clinical experience that includes residency training in Family Medicine, hospital practice, and office based Osteopathic and medical care.

    As an Osteopathic Physician (DO) I have an unlimited medical license allowing me to practice the full spectrum of western medicine. I convey my western medical expertise as a Board Certified Family Physician. The fundamental tenets of Family Medicine are based upon a holistic and integrative view of the individual who is inseparably linked to their environment (family, friends, work, community, culture, and the natural world).

    Osteopathy is a unique medical profession that was founded in the late 1800s by a frontier physician and surgeon who attempted to reform the existing system of medical care. Osteopathy is not just a profession, it is a holistic philosophy that looks at the human body as having the ability to self-heal, or creatively adapt, in the presence of disease or injury. Often the body’s healing mechanisms become “stuck,” inadequate, or blocked thus limiting the natural self-healing processes. As a Board Certified Osteopath, I have extensive training and experience in a form of manual medicine called Osteopathic Manipulation. This category of hands-on-healing assists, or augments, the body’s self-healing mechanisms by using a gentle and individualized Osteopathic Treatment that helps restore normal function and create anatomic balance.

    I will also incorporate key evidence-based natural remedies or supplements (herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc.) in order to complement medical and Osteopathic care that patients receive. I have found that the intelligent use of supplements can greatly enhance a patients overall well being, they can be used to treat specific conditions with fewer side effects, and frequently they can limit or even prevent side effects from prescription drugs.

    Finally, I include various patient education systems into my practice by reviewing an individual’s diet and making nutritional recommendations, evaluate exercise programs and prescribe a patient specific exercise and rehabilitation program, and provide patients with information regarding medical interventions that allow each person to thoughtfully make a shared decision.

    I welcome you to my practice and look forward to working in partnership with you toward the common goal of achieving health.

                                                                 Steve Paulus, DO, MS


A healthy body is united in a dynamic state of connected oneness. Taken as a whole, the body is greater, stronger, and more durable than any of its parts. When the body begins to function as a collection of parts, rather than an interconnected communicating whole, the entire being is adversely affected. When the body no longer functions holistically, it can lose its ability to compensate or self-regulate. 

Steve Paulus, DO, MS